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NWGA's Mission and the Environment


Green is Good!  Everyone is saying so, but what does it mean?

If you are a celebrity and live in an "eco-friendly" 20,000 square foot mansion, are you really do something for the environment?  Quite frankly, green has turned into green washing and giving those of us who take its meaning seriously some serious angst.  Sooner or later, if everyone is using the green movement as a punch line, it won't be long until consumers reject it and the movement implodes under its own weight.

The Northwest Grocery Association's mission statement is simple and clear :

"The Northwest Grocery Association (NWGA) serves as the spokesperson for the Northwest's grocery industry by promoting the common interests and issues of its membership to government and the general public."

And so is our commitment to the environment.

The re-useable shopping bag is a symbol of the meaningful and practical ways the grocery industry looks at their place in the business world and their place on the planet.

Our industry is providing leadership through everyday innovations and practical experience to the Northwest's commercial, residential, and political communities. No other retail sector is taking more action to execute environmental stewardship.

One NWGA Member grocery store will annually recycle:

  • 178 tons of cardboard and paper packaging
  • 5 tons of plastic film (plastic bags and shrink wrap)
  • 53 tons of composting material
  • 14 tons of miscellaneous recycling (wood pallets, metal shelves, etc.)
  • 11 tons of meat rendering (bone and fat)
  • 3 tons of used vegetable oil
  • 38 tons of food waste

In addition, collectively NWGA stores provide over 70% of the food donated to Pacific Northwest Food Banks.

Meaningful environmental practices result from good science, research, and thorough consideration of how environmental and recycling systems should be set in place to optimize the benefits and reduce the overall impact on the earth.

We have all learned from the Bio-diesel movement that the give and take of any new idea is as important as the idea itself. Headlines and green washing if for the Hollywood celebrities who want to look good for the public, not the grocery industry that uses sustainable practices every time they open their doors.

We live, work, and play in the same environment as our customers. When it is that simple, it is simple to do the right thing.

Join the Northwest Grocery Association in their commitment to the environment.